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An introduction to Gapminder

Link to Gapminder: www.gapminder.org


Find statistical data

Gapminder is an excellent tool for illustrating aspects of world development. You select the indicators, countries and years of your choice, to help challenge your world view – for example:  “Do women in Bangladesh still have many children”? or “Does Sweden have the lowest child mortality?” or “Do more girls than boys go to school in Armenia?”


Working with Gapminder data

You can answer these questions with this exciting statistical tool, and even explore the data ‘behind the bubbles’ either by hovering the mouse over the selected bubble or by clicking on the small icon at the beginning of each axis. The latter gives you access to the entire dataset and the source of the data that are used. 

Gapminder works in a similar way to Google Data (or actually the other way around as Gapminder was first to develop the user-friendly software for animation of statistics referred to as Trendalyzer).

More information about how to work with Gapminder:
- Gapminder manual
- I-Use manual of how to use Gapminder
- CSV-instruction sheet: how to use Gapminder data with I-Use tools


The use of available data

Teachers are welcome to use the material produced for teachers on Gapminder. The Foundation also needs teachers for their further development of the site.

Here you can find the terms of use.

Here you can find a Tedx talk about Gapminder's upcoming project Dollar street.