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An introduction to the World Bank Data

I-Use-instructions in pdf-version

The link to the site http://www.data.worldbank.org/

The link directly to The World Bank Development Indicators


A short video-introduction to the World Bank Database / I-Use


General information

The data in the World Bank Database is widely considered to be the most consistent and reliable database available, concerning Global Development Indicators.


Find statistical data

The site provides a number of ready-made overviews of relevant indicators on country and country-group levels, and a database from which you can make your own tables.  

Although the database contains a large number of indicators and a timespan which back to 1960 it is still fairly easy to access.

 - Start by choosing the database you want to explore. World Development Indicators are preset as a default, then:

Pick a "Country" / country-group,

choose the indicator(s) - "Series"

and the years - "Time"

The output can be a table, graph or map which you can work on within the website or download to a spreadsheet for further analysis.


More information

How to create a table or a chart and download it / Li ka shing Library