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Ready-made tables

In the left column there are 15 ready-made tables with data of European Union available to use. Several visualization options are available for the data. There are also the possibilities to sort the table and to select countries.

Some of the graphs only displays properly after reducing the number of countries. A number of 28 countries rarely fits nicely into one graph.

! The 3D map tool is only supported by the browser Mozilla Firefox.



On the website of Eurostat there is the possibility to make your own (updated) tables. More information on the I-Use website: databases.

Some links to the Eurostat-tables:


Life expentancy

Fertility rate

Infant mortality rate

GDP, Gross Domestic Product

GDP pr capita

Government gross debt

Inflation rate 

Duration of work life

Harmonised unemployment rate by sex

Labour cost index

Greenhouse gas emissions


As long as Eurostat keeps these links, the links will lead to updated tables.

The tables can be changed by clicking on the icons/menus on the table-screen.

Sometimes the access shows a time-out. Just try again.