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In this section you will find ready-made worksheets which can be downloaded in the classroom or as homework. The worksheet contains information about relevant subjects, recommended age group, recommended time used, equipment needed, learning objectives, how to work, resources and possible extensions.



The link leads to Google docs that should be copied or downloaded and saved for individual use. That allows us to edit and update the online learning resources. 

Click on the link and Make a copy if you have a Google account or go under File and Download as e.g. (.docx) and save it on your own device. Now the document can be edited and answers filled in. Good luck. 

The 3D map tool is only supported by the browser Firefox.


Full lists of Worksheets (and Units) developed by the I-Use Project:

I-Use learning material (in this document: click on the title of the worksheet and the link will appear)

or use this table to open the worksheets:

A different view on London - Worksheet 1
A different view on London - Worksheet 2
Conflicts in the world 1
Conflicts in the world 2
CSV and EU elections
EU elections insert CSV files
Introduction to I-Use databases
Introduction to I-Use ready-made tables
Introduction to statistics
Life expectancy
Misleading statistics
Statistics - average
Statistics - correlation
Statistics - distribution
Statistics - frequency
Statistics - general
Statistics - median, mode
Statistics - sample basics
Statistics - variability
The Vietnam War
Unemployment rate EU
Wealth and health of nations (Gapminder)
Wealth and health of nations (Gapminder)- worksheet