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This tool allows users to create a graph or map from a CSV file with statistical data. Once the file is uploaded, data will be visualised in a number of formats, added to a map if location data is available.

! The 3D map tool is only supported by the browser Firefox



Click on the button 'Choose File' to upload a CSV file. If done, click on 'Submit'.

For more help with this tool: a video with instructions.


Input your file:



Only CSV files can be used.
Format of a CSV file: 

GDP at market prices - Billions of euro,
Belgium,253 ,303 ,356 ,376 ,405 
Bulgaria,14 ,23 ,36 ,40 ,44 
Czech Republic,64 ,105 ,150 ,153 ,160 
United Kingdom,1620 ,1867 ,1732 ,1930 ,2043 
Source: Eurostat Database xx/201x extracted by xxx.,
NB: 2015 is a forecast.,

Note how the commas should be placed. Remember to add a comma before the years.

How to make a CSV file from Gapminder data: instruction sheet.