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This tool allows users to create a graph or map from their own data, with remarkable ease and speed. Once entered, data will be visualised in a number of formats, added to a map if location data is available, and made available to download as a CSV file for use in other tools and applications.
! The 3D map tool is only supported by the browser Mozilla Firefox


You can add data in this box:

By using a simple format:
1) title and unit;
2) years;
    Note the use of a comma at the start of the line
3) data header and
4) data itself separated by commas
5) source of the data


- for plotting the years "2012-2014" enter ,2012,2013,2014

- for plotting data of France and Germany:

Click 'submit' to see the data as a table.
You can choose from the options at the top to create graphs or maps.
Or you can download the data as a CSV.

Example input: