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Mobile apps have become increasingly popular in the last five years, since the rapid growth in the ownership and use of mobile and tablet devices in an educational context.

Limitations and opportunities

Although there are limitations to the use of some of these apps, many of them provide a useful way into exploring data and visualising patterns and trends, or accessing data that is perhaps more up to date than that which is printed in classroom textbooks.

Some organisations have entered this area, and have started to make their data available in a form which is bundled up with some elements of analysis.

Overview: free iOS, Android, Windows apps

This section of the website will eventually develop into a useful summary of some of the key apps which are available for a range of platforms.

Some schools will make use of iOS and Android, but we will also mention compatibility with Windows phone and other platforms which rise in prominence during the duration of the project.

We will also be particularly interested in those apps which are free, or low cost, within an educational context, although this may come with certain limitations.


Alan Parkinson 6/2013