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Some of the best free apps for Android:


Formhub provides a very simple way of collecting data in three steps:
1) Design: author surveys in Excel and with instant access on your Android phone.
2) Collect: distribute the survey on an Android device or on the web.
3) Analyze: visualize your data as it is collected.



EpiCollect.net (also for iOS)

EpiCollect.net provides a web and mobile app for the generation of forms (questionnaires) and freely hosted project websites for data collection.
Data are collected (including GPS and media) using multiple phones and all data can be viewed centrally (using Google Maps / tables / charts).

Four simple steps:
1) Create a project website at EpiCollect.net
2) Design form(s) online for data collection (including GPS and media)
3) Load tproject info into the mobile app and collect data
4) view the data