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A Spreadsheet-program works with text and numbers and is very useful when you need to make or analyse a table and/or create a graph from data held in the spreadsheet.

Data can also be saved in a CSV (comma separated variable) format, which allows input into many GIS packages for further detailed analysis of patterns within the data.


Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel has set the standard for many years - but is not a freeware.
The spreadsheet in Open Office is however very similair and the program can be downloaded for free. The program is a part of a package of programs including a word processor, a database program etc.
The program supports both the Windows-, Linux- and Machintosh- platforms.
You can download Open Office here:  http://www.openoffice.org/download/

 More information

An YouTube introduction to spreadsheets:  here 



Google Drive


Google Drive is a free suite of cloud-based tools, which are available to anyone who has a Google / Gmail account. The drive will need to be activated first.

There is a spreadsheet tool as part of this suite, which looks very similar to Microsoft Excel, and is able to export in compatible XLS format.

One of the additional aspects of this tool is the ability to collaborate between people on the same spreadsheet.